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Orodruin since the beginning

Bio: John has been a disciple of Orodruin since the beginning. He came to together with Mike and Nick in the summer of 98′ to create riff mastery. His previous bands include being guitarist for Magic Migul(92′-95′),Half Past 12(95′-97′) and live session keyboardist for Night Conquers Day.screenshot_1

Favorite Bands: Saint Vitus, Iron Maiden, Witchfinder General, Trouble, Cathedral, Candlemass, Pentagram, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Uriah Heep, Venom.

Now Playing: Finntroll (Midnattens Widunder & Jaktens Tid), Bo Hansson – Music Inspired By The Lord Of The Rings Books, Impaled – Mondo Medicale, Carcass – Wake Up And Smell The Carcass, Solstice – New Dark Age.

Equipment: Gibson SG Standard(black), Rat pedal, Laney 100 watt all tube head, Sunn 4x 12″ cabb, 4×12″ Slant celestion cab.

Entry from the diary of Randolph Carter,

After consuming a ball of hashish, my incorporeal form spied upon cosmic narratives. I saw the elder days of this earth, and in these days the great chaos sent forth its sentience upon the land the most foul of xenozoic entities was born. bookofdoom

Tumbling from the firmament, the mighty star Hopkiommias rent this doomherald asunder and its essence became quartered: In Sarnath there was called forth the Gall-ohn, a leaping golem, in Lemuria the great Puleon Stallion was begotten of the union betwixt a virgin and a mighty centaur, from the dungeons of Kadath the Demonick Tyde arose and the people fled, and In Mu were the foundations shaken by the footsteps of the Wretch Waske. Mighty was the rule of the four Midrangers of R’lyeh, but the archaic world fell into ruin as the phlogistonic bombardments rained from the cannons of the Ur-Quan, and the four did pass into torpidity.

Through this slumber did the tides of civilizations ebb and flow, until the thaumaturge comes forth, and unto the void he shall speak the eldritch intonations. And it shall be that the four again become one, reborn to exact a crushing revenge upon all purveyors of false doom. I pray that I do not live to see these days.


Saturday November 15th, Orodruin will be joining Rammer and Goathorn at the 360 in Toronto for a full night of heavy metal lunacy!

Future events
DOOM SHALL RISE II – Orodruin will be playing the second installment of the Doom Shall Rise festival on the weekend of April 2nd & 3rd in the Chapel (a former US army church) in Göppingen, south-western Germany. 2004’s lineup will feature Count Raven (Sweden), Shepherd (Germany), Drecksau (Germany), Spancer (Germany), Mourning Beloveth (Ireland), Spiritus Mortis (Finland), Northwinds (France), Thee Plague of Gentlemen (Belgium), Orodruin (USA), The Doomsday Cult (Sweden), Pantheist (Belgium), Wall of Sleep (Hungary), Penance (USA), While Heaven Wept (USA)! We’ll also be doing one of the DSR tours with Penance, Well of Souls, Mirror Of Deception and While Heaven Wept, which will last about 2 weeks spanning Greece, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Holland.

In the mean time we’ll be working on material for a live release on PsycheDOOMelic Records called “Disrobe The Witless Mandrake In The Perpetual Edifice”. This will contain 4 live tracks, 2 new songs, a cover and 1 track off Epicurean Mass plus 2 demo songs.

Well the doomination tour has ended and Orodruin is back home. We’d like to thank Justin of Morgion, Mourning Beloveth and The Prophecy for 3 great weeks around the United States, and for giving us a chance to spread the traditional doom gospel to the masses. Many thanks go to all the people we’ve met and supported us on the road: Tom Phillips(COTD Mascot), Jim Hunter & Jesse, Jason Gray(Nice place!), Kirsten Travers, The kid I talked to in Cleveland with the black metal project, Neil, Chris and Elusive Travel, Karl and The Gates Of Slumber, (Butch, Matt and Mary of Penance), Killjoy and Malaria, Nick Puleo, Tony “Taco Holocaust” Puleo, Psycho Matthias, The dude with the Candlemass shirt and his sister in Jersey(I like the cello music), Ken E. Bones and Negative Reaction, The English and Irish dudes in Brooklyn, Laurie Ann Haus(for the chants and partridge family runs with Tom), Anthony and Rob of Soulpreacher, Jeff and Rwake, Tom Cheramie, Conan and Iron Kind, Ron and his family, Chris Barnes of Hellride music, Angelo of Cold Mourning, Asunder, Ross Sewage, Stephen O’Malley, Greg Anderson, Nate Carson, Patrick and The Lizards, YOB, Sir Hedgehog, The girls from Vancouver, The dudes in Reno, Mark “Place it Upstairs” Hegedus (to be continued…??)

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